Life Unleashed Magazine Cover - Fall 2022.

Table of Contents

Clare Weigel and guide dog Fin posing on a sidewalk in front of a rainbow-striped wall.

A Vision of Hope

With her dog, life takes on a new perspective.

James and Kid's Companion Dog Cherman sitting together on a front porch.

The Future of Hope

Today, he needs a friend. tomorrow, hell need a guide dog.

An animated veteran with a prosthetic leg kneels and embraces a yellow lab service dog in front of a Christmas tree.

Believe in Hope

Watch our wholesome, heartfelt, holiday feel-good PSA, Believe in Hope.

Service dog Quincy laying on a circle of green grass.

Hope Restored

A dog restored his hope. a miracle restored his eyesight.

David Caras hugging his black Labrador retriever, service dog Bobb.

Giving Hope | Getting Hope

First, he raised future service dogs. Then, he needed his own.

Blue banner with two paws
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