National Walkathon Day 2021



Our friends showed up strong for National Walkathon Day. THANK YOU, participants! In this video, take a look at these coast-to-coast dogs, only a fraction of all the participants. If you missed it, it’s not too late to raise funds and awareness.

Live Coverage of National Walkathon Day!


National Walkathon Day | 10:00 AM

Hey National Walkathon Day friends—we’re LIVE right here for our first of three check-ins.

What’s it all about? Host Jennifer Bryan is kicking the day off with a preview of all we’ve got going on from our official National Walkathon Day headquarters on our campus in Palmetto, Florida.

Meet some of our top fundraising friends, take a look at some early-bird pictures of National Walkathon Day fans from around the nation, and find out how your best four-legged buddy could be featured on our 12 noon and 3 p.m. EST Facebook LIVEstreams.

Want to get your doggo featured? Use these official hashtags on Instagram and Facebook—

#NatWalkDay2021 #ProgressivePups #SEGuideDogs

Thanks for helping support the Southeastern Guide Dogs’ mission. Together, we can change lives, one dog at a time.


National Walkathon Day | 12:00 PM

How’s National Walkathon Day going around the nation? Find out right now with our LIVE Check-In.
Host Jennifer Bryan is sharing an update on all the Walkathon activity going on around the U.S., featuring photos, videos, and interviews with some of the great folks raising funds and awareness for Southeastern Guide Dogs. And our favorite part? A segment we call ‘Walking Around the Nation,’ where we get to showcase some of the cute canines we’ve been able to gather from Instagram and Facebook via our official hashtags—
#NatWalkDay2021 ##progressivepups #SEGuideDogs
And don’t miss our end of day Check-In Facebook LIVEstream at 3 p.m. EST too. Jennifer will be wrapping up the day, giving an update on fundraising, and sharing a super-cute music video featuring many of the photos taken around the country today.

National Walkathon Day | 3:00 PM

National Walkathon Day is almost over. How’d it turn out? Find out LIVE—right here, right now!

Host Jennifer Bryan wraps up the day with an update on all the Walkathon activity going on around the U.S., featuring photos and interviews with some of the great folks raising funds and awareness for Southeastern Guide Dogs.
Did we make the $10,000 Donor Match Challenge? Want to see just how many states made a point to REPRESENT? Watch NOW.

Every dog has its day––and it’s the Southeastern Guide Dogs National Walkathon Day on Saturday, May 1st, 2021!

Its time again to grab your leash and get out there to celebrate and raise funds for our four-legged friends and the people who need them. Your support makes an impact on people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges.

This year’s Walkathon theme is Dog’s Day Out, an invitation to dog lovers nationwide to participate in any style. Use the power of social media to share your experiences and encourage fundraising no matter where you live. Because together, we’re changing lives—one dog at a time.

11 Ideas to Help You Plan

Here are just a few ideas of events and activities you can do to get you started—

  1. Plan a walk in your neighborhood. There’s plenty of room to social distance outside. Invite friends and neighbors to join your team, fundraise, and take a walk on May 1st
  2. Include your fundraising page in your neighborhood newspaper or community bulletin. You’d be surprised how often publishers need content to include. Especially feel-good puppy content! We’ve got the article already written, all you have to do is submit and include your link to donate. Same goes for church bulletins – reach out to them too!
  3. Consider hosting a pizza night with your family/close friends that are in your COVID safe pod. Each person donates $5 to your fundraising page and they get to enjoy a slice or two of their favorite pie for a great cause. 
  4. Yard sales can be done outdoors, and safely distanced. You might be able to sell a few raffle tickets while you are at it. All proceeds benefit your fundraising page. 
  5. Give back nights are a popular way to encourage local restaurants and businesses to get on board. Speak to the manager of your favorite local restaurant or business.
  6. Here’s a great example of someone getting creative:  A Tampa man has committed to a 60-day walking challenge and plans to cover 556 miles! He’s asking people to support his efforts and all proceeds will benefit Southeastern Guide Dogs. 
  7.  Facebook fundraising really does work. Just click the Facebook icon that’s already on your fundraising page. In 2020, Southeastern Guide Dogs raised more than $40,000 through Facebook alone! If you need some assistance getting started, contact a member of the Walkathon team and we’ll be happy to help.
  8. Bake sales are great. But doggie bake sales are even better. Try whipping up a batch of dog-friendly treats to sell to your neighbors, friends, and family. 
  9. Are you a member of a club or organization (even if it’s temporarily virtual)? How about a good old fashioned tee-shirt sale. Create a fun, unique shirt for your club to sell.
  10. Offer to walk your neighbors’ dogs for a donation. Tell them it’s for a good cause (they can even donate directly to your webpage to avoid the exchange of money and make it all contactless). Happy Walking! 
  11. And finally, lead by example. Donating to your own National Walkathon Day webpage sets the stage for others to do the same. A little goes a long way. 

Keep reading to learn more about how your photos can get recognized by using #Hashtags, and page down for FAQs.




#Hashtags really help—How to share your National Walkathon Day event via social.

The BIG thing about National Walkathon Day is that we’re inviting every participant to share their event, no matter where it happens to be, via the powerful channels of Instagram and Facebook. Sounds fun, right? But just how can you see all the great photos and video created by our many fans and supporters throughout the United States? In a word: #hashtags.

If you’re a veteran social media hashtagger, let’s cut to the chase: please include the following hashtags with any photo or video that you post:

#NatWalkDay2021     #SEGuidedogs      #ProgressivePups

If you’ve never used a hashtag, here’s why you should—The # symbol—You might call it a ‘pound’ sign, but in the world of social, it’s called a ‘hash.’ And a ‘hashtag?’ It’s simply a ‘hash’ symbol in front of a word or phrase that enables apps like Instagram to gather every photo that includes one for easy viewing and engagement. The screenshot here demonstrates just how easy it is to see all the photos currently posted with the #SEGuidedogs hashtag.

To make sure your National Walkathon Day images show up where everyone can enjoy them, all you have to do is to is include something like this in the accompanying comment—

We’re having such a great time in [HOMETOWN] raising funds for #SEGuidedogs with our [EVENT DESCRIPTION] on #NatWalkDay2021. I love seeing all these #ProgressivePups.

And the thing about hashtags is, they don’t have to be part of the comment itself. You could always just list them at the end like this—We’re having such a great time in [HOMETOWN] raising funds with our [EVENT DESCRIPTION].

#NatWalkDay2021 #SEGuidedogs #ProgressivePups

And the best part?

Checking in throughout the day on Saturday, May 1st to see all the fun that’s happening throughout the USA.

Visit to find out more!


Note: page down for answers to frequently asked questions.


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National Walkathon FAQs

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  • How do I make a donation or turn in money?

  • Will there ever be an in-person Walkathon again?

  • Do you have materials to help me fundraise?