They served us. Now it’s our turn.

Veterans have served for freedom’s sake, and now they deserve the freedom to navigate with heads high and renewed confidence.

The Ways We Can Serve

On behalf of American heroes who have sacrificed so much, this program serves active duty soldiers and retired servicemen and women with the respect and dignity they deserve.

We offer a range of programs that help us serve and support our veterans.


    Pairs highly trained guide dogs with visually impaired veterans. Veterans live and learn on campus, then receive lifetime follow-up and support.

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    Trains and places exceptional dogs into careers benefiting veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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    Places therapy dogs into military hospitals to spread cheer and encouragement and help wounded warriors heal.

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    Provides well-behaved dogs to veterans for companionship and emotional support in the home.

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  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    Your sponsorship gives the gift of a new chapter in the lives of the visually impaired; one of fresh confidence and hope.

    What people are saying…

    “I can’t tell you the difference this dog is making. She gives me safety, confidence; she is able to bring me out of a flashback faster than any human. She gives me comfort – it’s like she takes you out of yourself. I don’t know where I’d be without her right now.”

    Graduate Paul Utter with Service Dog Ellie