Delivering Comfort in the Midst of Pain

When wounded warriors are far from home, there’s always comfort to be found in the unconditional love of a friendly dog.

Some dogs best suited for non-guiding careers are chosen to serve as military facility therapy dogs. These precious dogs, who live with facility staff, spend several days a week amidst wounded warriors recovering at military hospitals and veterans’ medical centers. Many courageous soldiers are young, injured, and far from home, and nothing brightens their day like the unconditional love of a warm and wagging dog.

Our dogs go from bed-to-bed and visit occupational and physical therapy areas, becoming an integral part of the healing process. The dogs deliver smiles and immediate comfort, reminding veterans of pets back home and life apart from needles, medicines, and therapy.

If you are actively employed with a military facility and are interested in acting as a Primary Handler for a Facility Dog, you can apply via the button below to email Susan Wilburn, Director of Admissions and Graduate Services.

What people are saying…

“At times, military personal are afraid to ask for help, but Joe helps make the environment more relaxed. The individual may only be there for a sore throat, but if Joe is there, the staff takes time to ask additional questions. Joe has sniffed out several patients with emotional distress, including the warning signs of Post Traumatic Stress.”

Joe is a Facility Therapy Dog at Naval Health Branch Clinic