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Name a Puppy Sponsorship


When you name a Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy with your generous $5,000 gift, here’s what you can expect.*

  • • Puppy photo
  • • Pupdates
  • • Freshman Orientation photo and printed program
  • • Final placement update

*Please read below for more information about naming a puppy, including the waiting period, puppy updates, and more.

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When you name a Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy with your generous $5,000 gift, here’s what you can expect.

After we receive your puppy naming sponsorship form, there will be a waiting period before a puppy will receive your chosen name. Because of the popularity of this program and variability in the timing of breeding (and available puppies), this waiting time can vary widely and may be up to as much as 6 months.

As part of your sponsorship, you will receive the following*:

  1. Puppy photo: Taken when your puppy is approximately 8 weeks old and mailed to you after the puppy leaves our campus to go home with its puppy raiser.
  2. Pupdates: During the 12 – 16 months the puppy lives in the puppy raiser home, we will email information to you so that you can follow the puppy’s progress. You will receive your first pupdate at around 9 months of age, and the second after the puppy celebrates its first birthday.
  3. Freshman Orientation photo and printed program: Will be mailed to you approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the puppy returns to our campus for Freshman Orientation and the beginning of its formal, on-campus training at Canine University. (Note: You can also find candid photos of dogs currently training on campus on our trainers’ Instagram page at @seguidedogstraining.)
  4. Final placement update: We will notify you of the puppy’s final placement. Your puppy may be placed in our guide dog or service dog program, or in one of our many other programs such as a breeder, facility therapy dog, Kid’s Companion dog, Gold Star Family dog, or public service dog. Dogs not selected for one of these careers may also be placed in a loving home through our public adoption program.

*We will make every attempt to provide these photos and pupdates as a part of this program, but the training and career path of our dogs can vary as we strive to ensure their health, well-being, and career suitability.

Thank you for your generosity! We will be in touch with you soon about the next steps in selecting your puppy name. Please know that your $5,000 gift goes to work immediately to support our mission, and to change lives, one dog at a time.