Sponsor a puppy – transform a life!

Sponsor a puppy for just $19 a month, and you’ll join a joyful journey. You’ll follow along for a year as your puppy trains to become a beautiful working dog that transforms someone’s life. You’ll watch your puppy grow and learn as you hear about its personality and progress. After training, your puppy may graduate as a guide dog for someone with vision loss; a service dog for a veteran with a disability; or a skilled companion dog for a child with significant challenges. Then, you’ll have the chance to sponsor another new puppy.

Ways to Sponsor

For yourself—Enjoy getting to know your sweet puppy as it grows up to be a guide dog, service dog, or skilled companion dog that can change someone’s life.

As a gift—What a meaningful way to share the joy of following a puppy’s remarkable journey. Your recipient will receive regular Pupdates and photos of puppy’s progress.