Volunteers making a difference at home.

Southeastern Guide Dogs has cultivated a well-defined program to breed dogs whose temperament, intelligence, and health combine to produce some of the finest guide and service dogs in the world.

To support our breeding program, we partner with selected volunteers who host our breeder dogs in their homes, then return the dogs to campus when needed for breeding and whelping. These breeder host families are an extension of our work here at Southeastern Guide Dogs, and donate time, attention, and helping hands to help us reach our mission.

If you are interested in hosting a breeder, scroll down for more information, FAQs, and much more!


Think you want to be a Breeder Host?

If you are interested in becoming a Breeder Host, read the full information below including our frequently asked questions, take our online self-assessment and submit your application.

If you need further information prior to submitting an application, contact Genetics & Reproduction at 941.803.7544.

Step One: Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions below

Step Two: Take our easy online self-assessment to see if you’re ready

Step Three: Complete the official Breeder Host Application

Once you have submitted your application, you will need to attend a Breeder Host Orientation, a Dog Obedience course, and a Dog Care course. Course dates will be sent out in a monthly newsletter to current applicants.

Once you have submitted your application and attended all three required courses, our staff will complete a background check and arrange a home interview with you. Following this, you will be a Breeder Sitter for a period of time so you can be sure that having a breeder dog in your home will be manageable for you and your entire household! After all steps have been completed, if you are approved to become a Breeder Host you will be placed on our waiting list which is usually about 4 to 6 months long. Note that preference is given to previous volunteer puppy raisers.

Once a dog becomes available that is compatible with your household, we will arrange a meet and greet for you, your family and the dog to take place on campus. If the meet and greet is deemed successful, it will be followed up by a home visit where the dog is introduced into your home environment. If you and the dog are a good match, it will then be time to sign the necessary paperwork and welcome the breeder dog into your home!

What people are saying…

“I feel honored to be a part of an organization that empowers people with self confidence to live an independent and adventurous life.”

Breeder Host Vinanta with breeder Legion

Breeder Host FAQs

  • What is required once I become a Breeder Host?

  • What is required once the breeder dog retires?

  • How far away from campus can Breeder Hosts live?

  • Are breeders allowed to go into public buildings?

  • Am I able to still raise a puppy if I become a breeder host?

  • Are Breeders able to attend Puppy Raising meetings?

  • What breeds are in the breeding colony?

  • Where do breeders receive veterinary care?

  • Do Breeder Hosts own the breeder?

  • How long is the dog a breeder?

  • What happens after the breeder retires?

  • Are breeders trained?

  • How old are the dogs when they become breeders?

  • Are other animals allowed in host’s homes?

  • How often will the dog be bred?

  • Where should I board the dog when I am on vacation?

  • Can I request certain color or body types of the breeder?

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