Raise a Puppy. All you need is love.

You love puppies. You want to make a difference and you’re willing to commit to a purpose greater than yourself. You’re not quite sure if you know enough, but we’re sure that we can teach you!

Where are our current puppy raisers located?

Alabama: Birmingham
Florida: Bradenton, Central Pinellas, Cocoa Beach, Eastern Hillsborough County, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, Ft. Myers (Cape Coral, Marco Island, Naples), Gainesville, Gulf Coast: Jacksonville, Lakeland/Winter Haven, Lakewood Ranch, MacDill, Miami/West Palm Beach, North Pinellas, North Orlando/Daytona, North Tampa/USF, Orlando, Palmetto/Ellenton, Pinellas County, Sarasota North and South, Southern Pasco County, Southshore (Southern Hillsborough County), St. Petersburg, Tampa, Tri-County (The Villages), USF St. Petersburg 
Georgia: Atlanta/Macon, Savannah, South Georgia: Waycross, St. Simons Island, Brunswick, St. Marys
Mississippi: Pascagoula
North Carolina: AlbemarleCharlotte 
Tennessee: Nashville, Chattanooga
Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Houston FFA

Open Your Heart and Your Home


Take Home a Puppy!

Join us and volunteer as a Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy raiser. As a puppy raiser, co-raiser, or puppy sitter, you can take an adorable puppy into your home. If you live near one of our many puppy raiser groups in select cities in seven states, join the fun—and our mission—and become a Southeastern Guide Dogs puppy raiser. For just over a year, our puppies need loving homes to learn good house manners and basic obedience, and volunteers like you are exactly what we need.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

No experience needed! We surround you with a supportive team and teach you how to raise a future guide or service dog. You’ll learn new skills and make new friends at your local puppy raising group. You’ll meet twice a month to practice with caring people and gorgeous puppies. You’ll help us create extraordinary dogs that transform lives.

Share the love. Co-raise a puppy or volunteer as a puppy sitter.

Not sure full-time raising is for you? Co-raisers can raise a puppy with a friend or neighbor, or with a more experienced raiser, and puppy sitters fill in when raisers travel or need a helping hand. As a co-raiser or puppy sitter, we’ll equip you as you step up for short-term puppy kisses.

You can do it!

You may be wondering whether you have what it takes to raise a puppy. But the best puppy raisers aren’t perfect. They’re the ones who volunteer! Singles, families, working professionals, retirees, college students—our puppy raisers come in all flavors. With the same access rights as service dogs, pups can go with you to most places. With permission, many employers allow raisers to take puppies to work, too. Raising a puppy is a fine way to teach kids to give back and help older students earn community service hours and build an impressive resume.


We’ll provide the puppy. You provide the love, commitment, and consistency, and time.

Puppy raising is full of wonderful surprises. You’ll make unforgettable memories, make a few mistakes along the way, and learn a lot about consistency and how to train a puppy. You’ll commit to twice-a-month meetings with your local puppy raiser group to practice obedience and commands, and you’ll experience group excursions to help pups gain confidence in the world of humans. To get started with your training, you’ll commit to attending Puppy Kindergarten (about once a week for about six weeks, depending on your group). You’ll also commit to “Walk and Talk” puppy evaluations and coaching sessions, all designed to help you and your pup succeed.

But, how do you give the puppy back?

Our puppy raisers are mission minded and many times we hear, “I may love this puppy, but someone else NEEDS this puppy.” Puppy raisers understand the big picture of how this pup will make a difference in somebody’s life. Many puppy raisers soften the blow of returning the older puppy by picking up their next puppy and starting again.

Ready, set, go!

Review our Puppy Raiser FAQ & Checklist below, if you are ready to be a puppy raiser, please fill out our no-obligation application, or if you have additional questions, please fill out our interest form and a member from our Puppy Raising Services Department will contact you.

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What people are saying…

Our puppies need you to help them discover their inner hero. Knowledge is power, and after you’ve trained to become a puppy raiser, you’ll have a lot to give. Under your guidance, an incredible puppy will become a superhero.

Everyone has the potential to be a hero. Apply today and use your power for good.