A man sits on a rocky beach surrounded by forest with his yellow lab service dog. They both look off into the distance.
A photo of Certified Instructor Christine Fulton and Guide Dog in Training, Peyton, the stars of Tell-Tail Signs, an episode from our Emmy Award-winning series, Dogs of Destiny
Text: When Lillee met Sally, pictured with a field of dandelions
Woman smiles while she receives a kiss on the chin from black lab
Text: Love at First Sight, pictured with a man playing a guitar
Text: Something to Prove, background of tress at a nature park
Text: Lost and Found, pictured with a woman sitting next to a pond
"Everybody Loves Martin" video title screen
Text: Midnight's Light, pictured with three flags
Text: Taylor-made for Love with blue background
Text: The Smooth Crew with a blue background
Text: Puppy Love, pictured with a yellow lab puppy licking its nose
Text: Tails of Yesterday, pictured with an aerial view of the campus
Text: No Ordinary Dog, pictured with a Black lab looking up
Text: Dogs of Destiny, with a black lab in harness laying down next to handler feet and looks at camera in a black and white filter
Text: Dogs of Destiny, goldador in harness looks into camera with black and white filter
Little girl hugs black lab while the dog looks off into the distance
Blue banner with two paws
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