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Beyond the Dark

Our extraordinary dogs transform lives, and now you can visit our campus to see for yourself. Come experience darkness in a whole new light.

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Dogs of Destiny

Laugh, cry, and fall in love with the extraordinary dogs that give hope to the people who need them.

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Video Library

Meet graduates who turned heartbreak into hope after being matched with one of our extraordinary dogs.

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Life Unleashed

See how your support is making a difference. Explore powerful, emotional stories and photographs showcasing our graduates and the dogs by their sides.

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The Dog Blog

Meet our graduating classes, see our dogs, learn what’s new, and stay in touch by visiting our blog.

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Press Room

Writing an article or shooting a news story? Come this way…

What a difference two years can make 💕#guidedogpuppy #seguidedogs #PuppyRaising ...

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Happiness is a #SundaySnuggle

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by @DaiquiriDeck, one of our Loyalty level Walkathon 2022 sponsors.

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A big thanks to Ryan Jensen from the @buccaneers! #militaryappreciation #veteranservicedog #SEGuideDogs ...

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Talon was an infant when he lost his dad, but Gold Star Families keep the memories alive. “There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t talk about him,” shares Talon’s mom, Crystal, about her Army Special Forces husband who lost his life in Afghanistan. Today, a dog named Hope serves as Talon’s best friend. “Of course, Hope doesn’t replace his dad,” says Crystal. “But she gives him that comfort that he needs. We always say she’s a big ball of love.” Read more about Talon and Hope here https://www.guidedogs.org/life-unleashed-library/summer-2022/hoping-for-hope/ ...

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What's a soulmate? 🐾 #Veteran ...

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The camera just needed a good boop 🐾 #seguidedogs #guidedogpuppy ...

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Paw snuggles for the win 🐾

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What’s it like to take a young puppy inside an ice cream shop? Disaster or delightful? “Good girl” or be gone, girl? Find out today at 1:00 pm on Facebook Live, where we’ll tag along with Holland, a ten-month-old puppy in training, as she visits a local favorite creamery. How will she handle all those delicious smells, potential crumbs on the floor, and the distractions of other customers? ...

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A loud PuppyLand shout out to Boy Scout Logan, who for his Eagle Scout project, has provided Puppy Raising Services with 108 Paw Pads to share with our raisers. Paw Pads give our puppies a big head start in learning impulse control and proper heel position alignment—2 key foundational skills they will need for potential future careers in our programs, particularly our guide dog program. Thank you, Logan, and your crew for constructing these; we are so grateful for your service to the mission! ...

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After a spontaneous brain bleed in 2017, Blake Wagster lost much of his vision. Retinopathy and macular degeneration also set in, so he now only sees shadows and silhouettes. Using a white cane made him feel vulnerable and insecure, but now he’s been paired with little Emma. She may be a small guide dog, but according to Blake, she’s a “firecracker.”

“She’s just full of energy, and she’s the sweetest little dog you ever imagined,” Blake enthuses. “She’s got a big heart, and I love her. I really do.” Now he feels more secure and less isolated and says, “I can feel the confidence growing and the insecurities melt away.”

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I’m all for #SundayFunday, but afterwards I need a #SundaySnuggles!

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Wishing you a happy Saturday from a very chipper, Chipper! Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? 🐾 ...

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Our puppy raiser groups get together to practice skills and expose pups to the big, wide world. Recently, the SouthShore puppy raisers met at a Publix grocery in Lithia, Florida, with an information table to recruit more volunteers.

The star of the show was Chipper, a 14-week-old Lab. How can anyone ignore those puppy dog eyes? Chipper loved greeting this veteran, an especially meaningful connection because of our work matching dogs with veterans who need them.

We appreciate all our volunteer puppy raisers and also @publix for supporting our mission. Learn more about becoming a puppy raiser or short-term puppy starter at GuideDogs.org/puppylove

(Photo used with permission of the veteran)

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Love Puppies? Sponsor One Today! When you sponsor a puppy, we’ll send you adorable puppy pics, newsy Pupdates, and our gorgeous annual calendar, and you'll gain the satisfaction of making an impact. 💕 https://www.guidedogs.org/puppy/ ...

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This year #NationalStickOutYourTongueDay 👅 happens to fall on #TongueOutTuesday! Our pups are celebrating by sharing all their virtual kisses with you 😘 ...

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Terrance Neal was born with small optic nerve hypoplasia, a condition where underdeveloped optic nerves reduce the ability of the retinas to send impulses to the brain. Over time, his vision improved, but Terrance still wanted a guide dog. He was hoping for a dog that could help him see curbs and slopes, avoid obstacles on the ground, and otherwise enjoy safe walking. Plus, he wanted to find that best friend.

Now he’s been paired with Bandit, an ideal guide dog for a young man just starting adult life. Fun-loving, laid-back Bandit works hard when in harness. He will be by Terrance’s side when he pursues a job and when he shares his story as a motivational speaker. “We will show people that they can do anything they put their mind to,” he says. “I want to become an example for that.”

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Turn down the lights and silence the phones—it’s Sunday-snuggle time!

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by White House, one of our Loyalty level Walkathon 2022 sponsors.

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All smiles because it's Saturday! What are you and your pup doing today? ...

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Are you thinking about getting a puppy but aren't quite ready for the commitment? Our puppy starter program could be right for you! You’ll move our mission forward by hosting the little darling for 3–6 weeks. We’ll train you first, of course. Think of all that puppy love! www.guidedogs.org/starter ...

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