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Beyond the Dark

Come experience darkness in a whole new light. See how our dogs take people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities beyond the dark to a world of hope.

Unseen Worlds

Journey beyond sight in a virtual-reality park. Hear from a graduate and walk while holding the harness of a skilled guide dog in this exclusive, interactive event.

Campus Tours

Step behind closed doors and witness how puppies transform into highly skilled working dogs. From our Puppy Academy to Canine University and more, experience the magic.

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Dogs of Destiny

Laugh, cry, and fall in love with the extraordinary dogs that give hope to the people who need them.

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Video Library

Meet graduates who turned heartbreak into hope after being matched with one of our extraordinary dogs.

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The Dog Blog

Meet our graduating classes, see our dogs, learn what’s new, and stay in touch by visiting our blog.

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Life Unleashed

See how your support is making a difference. Explore powerful, emotional stories and photographs showcasing our graduates and the dogs by their sides.

Side by Side

Celebrate the people and their superhero dog partners who have recently graduated from our school—there’s no better way to see the full impact your support is having throughout the United States.

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Press Room

Writing an article or shooting a news story? Come this way…

Every 👍 is a boop on this big boys snoot! ...

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Friday Funday with these two boys ☀️🤩 John (left) and Edison (right) were kind enough to pause their playtime to grace your timeline with their handsome faces 🦮💛 ...

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Before our service dogs are matched with their forever person, they go through the Assistance Dogs International Public Access Test. Join us today at 1:00 p.m. EST as Emily Dombrowski, Director of Service Dog Training, and Marisa Blanco, Service Dog Team Manager take us through a mock test with one of our service dogs in training. ...

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🐾 Raise a puppy, change a life!🌟 Join us in the incredible journey of puppy raising, and witness the transformative power of shaping these bright pups for their future careers. Together, let’s make a lasting impact and unleash the potential of these four-legged heroes. ...

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Unlock the unseen with Unseen Worlds, an immersive and thought-provoking experience. Step into an imaginary park from the perspective of someone who cannot see. Take a blindfolded stroll with a highly-trained guide dog. Hear from a graduate how a dog offers freedom and independence. Reserve your spot today and gain a new perspective on the world around you. Limited to 6 guests per session.
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A gentle nose nudge – You can do this.
A warm hug – It will be OK.
A steady tail wag – You’re not alone.

Our extraordinary dogs speak hope into the silence of invisible wounds that far too many endure. Post-traumatic stress, grief, anxiety. When it feels like the world doesn’t notice these unseen needs, our dogs look into the depths of hurting souls to restore joy and find hope.

May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, but our heroic dogs support wellbeing all year long.

Recognize Mental Health Awareness Month with us, and learn how our dogs shed light into the darkness:

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Fill Your Heart with Puppy Love! You know that warm, melty feeling you get when you see a bumbling, tumbling puppy, a little furball of deliciousness? That’s the PupPal experience! For only $19 a month, we'll send you baby doggy videos and pics directly to your inbox. Invest in their future—and fill your heart with puppy love! ...

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Littermates, and guide dogs in training, Ronnie (left) and Boots (right), had a great time exploring Hyde Park and Bayshore Boulevard on a recent training route! 🌊🦮 ...

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Two paws up for the weekend from this goofy girl named Sirius 🐾 ...

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Army veteran Beverly McLaughlin searched for a service dog that could help her with night terrors and mobility issues. She found that other schools weren’t available to help a pre-911 veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by military sexual trauma. That’s why she was delighted to find Southeastern Guide Dogs and meet a goofy, loving dog named Lunkenheimer.

Lunkenheimer’s slow pace matches his handler perfectly. “Just like me, I don’t take anything really quick,” Beverly says with a laugh. With his easy manner, Beverly looks forward to tamping down her anxiety enough to be able to shop in big stores without fearing crowds. And when she feels trapped in a tight space and needs to remove herself from a triggering situation, Lunkenheimer’s presence signals to people to make way and let her pass.

Their first night together, when habitual nightmares woke Beverly at 3 a.m., Lunkenheimer put his chin on her shoulder and made her feel safely anchored. That skill, and his ability to offer her a brace when she is getting up from a low seat, are revelations for the former military driver and occupational therapy assistant. “I’m starting to relax more,” Beverly notes. “If others are thinking about getting a dog, don’t put it off,” she adds. “You deserve to have your hero companion. Don’t think you’re unworthy—you’re worthy!”

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Our latest PupPal is pawsitively perfect down on the farm—and will plant herself in your heart! PupPal members get to meet Mazey up-close-and-puppy-personal, plus they receive delightful digital goodies. Become a PupPal for just $19 a month and fall in love with Mazey today!

Click here for descriptive video for the visually impaired:

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Wishing a very happy Mother's Day to all the moms and dog moms out there from the Southeastern Guide Dogs family 🐾 ...

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Watch the touching story of Emily, a veteran who fell in love with her Army husband before losing him to war. With a dog-sized hole in her heart, Emily turned to Elle, a four-legged angel filled with hope and joy. Any way you spell it, Elle is for Love on this episode of our Emmy Award-winning series, Dogs of Destiny.

Click here for discriptive video for the visually impaired:

This episode of Dogs of Destiny is brought to you with grateful recognition Elanco for their generous partnership.

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You're always welcome here! Visit our beautiful Palmetto, Florida campus and reserve a place for one of three unique experiences: Beyond the Dark, Unseen Worlds, or our guided tour. Reserve your spot today at ...

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We’re pawfectly proud of our 2- and 4- legged grads! Here on our campus, new teams of guide dogs and service dogs and their handlers celebrate commencement year ‘round. But now is the season for our high school and college-age puppy raisers to strut across the stage with their own diplomas. Congratulations, grads! We’re applauding you! ...

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“With Betty Jo I can do my own thing. I can be more of my own person. I can separate more and live my own life,” says Rachel, a college freshman living with vision loss. She no longer fears walking between campus buildings because Betty Jo guides her safely across streets. Her social anxiety dissipates every time she reaches down and pets her dog. “I didn’t like dogs at first,” Rachel admits. “But Betty Jo is my best friend and a life changer.” ...

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What exactly is an infinity collar and what do they have to do with a litter of three-week-old puppies? Tune in to Facebook LIVE at 1:00 p.m. EST as Lauren Holtz, Manager of Breeder Evaluation & Early Puppy Education, takes us behind the scenes in the puppy nursery to teach us about this important training tool. ...

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There’s healing power in the love of a good dog—a dog like Pella. She gives cuddles and comfort to veterans and their families at Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital in the Florida Panhandle. Read all about Pella, her daily rounds, and the difference she makes every day.

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May the 4th be with you 🐾 #MayThe4th ...

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As a Navy veteran, Marc spent 20 years traveling around the globe including six deployments to South America, Europe, and the Middle East. After retiring, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression all found their way into his life. Now he has a new best friend in an easygoing, smart service dog named Scooter.

“Scooter is the most relaxed dog but is always focused and loyal to one thing…me! It’s difficult to explain how Scooter has affected by life. I haven’t connected to many people since leaving the military, but Scooter changed that. He puts a smile on my face and gives me a purpose. I never want to let him down because he never will.”

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