Goldador dog sits and looks at the camera with his ears perked up

We could really use your help, and here’s how—

Young woman sits on the ground with yellow lab between her legs and laughs

Raise a Puppy

You don’t have to be perfect to be a puppy raiser. All you need is an abundance of love, commitment, and a desire to help us achieve our mission. And don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to take on one of these cute and cuddly future heroes.

Black lab dog gives lady kiss while being dried off

Volunteer on Campus

Can you support our mission without taking a dog home with you? OF COURSE! We rely on volunteers to answer phones, educate our puppies, give dogs baths, help in our kitchen, drive our shuttles, work at events, and more. If you’ve got time, we’ve got a job you might love.

Yellow lab wears blue in training coat as well as an orange Walkathon bandana


Love a great party that does a lot of good at the same time? Fundraising events—yours and ours—fuel our mission and enable us to provide our dogs and services at absolutely no cost to our students and alumni. If you’re the host with the most, join us.

Work With Us

Imagine arriving to work every day knowing that your work matters. That’s what it’s like here! Take a look at our open positions—there just might be the perfect home for you right here, whether caring for our dogs or growing your career in other areas.

Become a Vet Partner

We invite caring, compassionate veterinarians to partner with us to provide veterinary care, at no charge or reduced cost, for our working guide dogs and service dogs in your area. And since we’re active throughout the U.S., it’s likely we need you NOW.

Yellow lab puppy stands in grass looking towards camera

Make a Donation

Your gift changes lives. Thank you for making a difference. It’s easy to make an online gift to Southeastern Guide Dogs.

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