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Snag a few Walkathon raffle tickets for the ultimate stocking stuffer surprise!

Our biggest fundraiser of the year, Walkathon 2024, is right around the corner, and when you purchase raffle tickets, you help support our life-changing mission. Give a gift AND give back by purchasing raffle tickets online and slipping them into Christmas gifts and stockings. It’s a festive gift that keeps on giving!


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A day that changed everything, and the memories that wouldn’t seem to go away—John Tempone’s 32 years in the Marines left him with the crushing weight of survivor’s guilt. Could he ever move forward to a place of healing? With service dog Deedle by his side, his world transformed from the darkness of trauma to a place of calm. https://www.guidedogs.org/life-unleashed-library/life-unleashed-issue-nine/a-track-to-healing/ ...

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Some gifts—the most special ones—never lose value. Like love, these gifts flow through generosity and kindness. And now, through our Send Love Challenge, you can give the gift of love through your donation to our extraordinary dogs. Because it’s your love and support that helps them fulfill their big-hearted mission.

Send Love. Double your heartfelt gift today. https://www.guidedogs.org/?form=SendLove-SUMONLINE

Through December 31, the Matchmakers of our Send Love Challenge will multiply your donation with a dollar-for-dollar match, up to $1.2 million!

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Time sure does fly when you’re giving! Today is the final day of Giving Tuesday WEEK, and we’ve been celebrating all week long by sending love to people with vision loss, veterans with disabilities, and children facing significant challenges—through the life-changing presence of a four-legged friend.

Eligible donations are matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $1.2 million. Donate today at https://www.guidedogs.org/?form=SendLove-SUMONLINE

If you have already given this week—thank you! Our dogs can give hope because of your generosity.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like snuggles! #SundaySnuggles ...

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Drop a little love everywhere you go and watch more grow! During our Giving Tuesday WEEK, we encourage you to plant seeds of hope and love by supporting our extraordinary dogs.

�Have you already donated this week? Thanks for letting love overflow.

Eligible donations are matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $1.2 million. That's twice the love and double the impact! https://www.guidedogs.org/?form=SendLove-SUMONLINE

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Sometimes, the perfect pair meet at just the right time for a magical journey full of big dreams and newfound hope. Find out how one little pup, Hugo, grew into his confident role as guide dog for Emily, a teen who had been waiting for him all along. https://www.guidedogs.org/life-unleashed-library/life-unleashed-issue-nine/discovering-destiny/ ...

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“Did someone say turkey?” Happy Thanksgiving from the Southeastern Guide Dogs family. What are you most thankful for today? ...

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Let’s hear from Laura about her adventures with puppy-in-training Winnie in today’s #PuppyRaiserSpotlight:

Happy and full of spunk, Winnie loves learning, playing with toys, and of course—cuddling. When she’s not playing with her “sis,” Hadley, you can find her napping on her back, or walking off some energy on a little outing. Winnie loves the cue, “close” where she starts in front of me and then confidently does a half circle walk to sit between my legs. And just like magic, we end up facing the same direction!

Twice a week, Winnie gets a taste of college life with me. From attending class, to exploring campus, it’s quite the adventure with plenty of time to work on “settling” during breaks. It helps that she’s adorably studious. When we’re not at college, Winnie joins me at my job at a local pet food store. She works on “settling” behind the counter or gets in a little crate behavior practice. Oh—and weekends are for relaxing at home or having a blast at puppy group meetings!

My advice to a new puppy raiser? Take it one step at a time. While equally adorable, every puppy has a different learning style, pace, and personality. Never hesitate to ask questions or for help. That’s what this amazing community is here for. At the end of the day, these pups grow up too fast, so have FUN and enjoy each moment. Plus, you can never give (or get) too many puppy hugs.

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Hey amazing Southeastern Guide Dogs community! We love connecting with you during our Facebook LIVE events, and we want your input. What would you love to see and hear from us in our next Live session? Whether it's behind-the-scenes puppy playtime, Q&A, or an outing with our instructors—your ideas matter. Drop your suggestions 👇 and let's make our next Facebook Live event pawsitively incredible! ...

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Hope, guidance, freedom—our loving dogs give every day without hesitation. It’s simply who they are. And to honor their selfless giving, Giving Tuesday becomes a week-long celebration to show them just how much we care.

All eligible donations will be met with �a heartwarming embrace—a dollar-for-dollar match, up to $1.2 million!

It's never to early to give! https://www.guidedogs.org/?form=SendLove-SUMONLINE

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Thanksgiving is upon us, and as we prep our festive feasts, let's not forget about our four-legged family members! Although most traditional Thanksgiving foods are off-limits for dogs, your furry friends can enjoy simplified versions of our favorite holiday treats.

For reminders on which foods are for humans only, plus ideas for dog-friendly deliciousness, check out our blog post covering the do's and don'ts of canine dining during Thanksgiving.

Let's make this holiday season not only yummy for us but also delightful (and safe!) for our beloved pups. Check out the full post here: https://www.guidedogs.org/blog/ask-the-vet/what-can-my-dog-eat-at-thanksgiving/

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Last summer, you met Lucy in our magical tale of two new best friends. Now, we present Lucy: Christmas Edition, a heartwarming holiday public service announcement about the power of love.

This newest animated story presents a gift that can’t be found wrapped in a box, sprinkled into Christmas cookies, or topped on a tree.

Discover holiday joy in the company of loved ones and the cherished memories your heart forever holds dear.

Click here for descriptive audio for the visually impaired: https://vimeo.com/881517886/1680ce7b74

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Gary and Melody Johnson for sponsoring Lucy and Lucy: Christmas Edition and for bringing the power of love to viewers everywhere.

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In the season of gratitude, we’re so thankful for our adorable puppies!

They warm hearts and fill homes with love, joy, and adventure. You too can enjoy these precious pups by becoming a volunteer puppy raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs. Choose between 3, 6, or 12 months of raising and get the best ‘thank you’ in return—lots (and lots) of puppy snuggles! Ready to start your puppy-raising journey? Learn more at www.guidedogs.org/puppylove

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Today we honor the brave men and women who have served our country. To us, these veterans are our heroes. To their dogs—they are purpose, meaning, and life. When a “thank you” doesn’t quite feel like enough, our dogs offer veterans hearts of unending gratitude, paws of steady service, and eyes that see into the pain and love them through it. Because sometimes one mission of healing takes two hearts of hope. Watch Hope for Heroes. #VeteransDay 🇺🇸 ...

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We hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep! These pups sure did 🐾#SundaySnuggles ...

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Celebrate the season with our new holiday cards, now available to order from our online gift shop. Choose from two festive designs and spread hope and cheer this holiday season. Every card purchased supports our mission, allowing our dogs to bring hope and joy in every season. Check this to-do off your holiday list early—grab your cards today! www.guidedogs.org/shop ...

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Puppy raising won’t take all your time, but it may steal all your heart. When you take home a puppy, you give a big dose of love and life-changing hope to those who need it most. Because every guide dog starts as a puppy, and every puppy needs a loving home like yours! Sign up today to learn more about how fun, rewarding, and flexible it can be to take home a cuddly pup. www.guidedogs.org/puppylove ...

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A trip to the islands (without the travel) and changing the lives of those in need never tasted so good! We’re kicking off our second year of partnering with Whiskey Joe's Bar & Grill to support Southeastern Guide Dogs. And this time, it's bigger and better than ever with three amazing locations: Manatee River, Tampa, and Port Richey.

From November 1 to December 31, you can visit any of these locations to show your support at checkout—and every dollar raised helps us provide highly skilled dogs to people who need them most.

Along with their big-hearted generosity, Whiskey Joe's rocks a 'Floribbean' menu that celebrates local Florida favorites and the enticing flavors of the Caribbean. This delicious menu paired with their World-Famous Barefoot Tiki Bar makes for a ticket to an island paradise!

Gather your friends, enjoy a fantastic meal, and support a worthy cause.

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