Yellow lab puppy sits with a few toys surrounding

Two Great Ways to Raise!

Start to Finish

Raise a puppy for about a year until they are ready for advanced on-campus training.

Short Term

Host one of our younger puppies in your home for as few as 3 to 6 weeks.

A man and woman stand and smile while she holds a yellow lab puppy that is looking off into the distance
Two puppy raisers sit and see black lab for first time since going in for training, a lady smiles as she is being kissed while the man smiles looking at the two
A cute black Labrador puppy being held closely by a puppy raiser.

Black lab dog lays looking up and smiles at woman

Puppy Raiser Resources

Black lab puppy stands in grass and looks at the camera

AC Resources

Headshot of yellow lab puppy wearing blue in training vest

Puppy Raiser Hall of Fame

Yellow lab puppy looks at camera and stands next to plush toy
Blue banner with two paws
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