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Our Skilled Companion Dog Programs

Skilled Companion Dogs for Children with Vision Loss

Gentle, Skilled Companion Dogs provide companionship and teach responsibility to visually impaired children of any age, building a bridge to a future guide dog. Children gain confidence by learning how to care for the dog, leading to greater self-worth.

A mom and young girl sit and hold a folded American flag with a black lab Goldstar dog lays next to them

Skilled Companion Dogs for Military Families: Gold Star Family Dog

Well-trained Gold Star Family Dogs offer loving companionship to military children and families who have lost a loved one in service to the nation, delivering comfort in the midst of difficult times.

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Skilled Companion Dogs for Adults with Vision Loss

Adults with vision loss face challenges such as isolation and difficulty connecting with others. This can lead to depression and anxiety. However, a Skilled Companion Dog can provide them with a loyal and loving companion, bringing joy to their lives.

Skilled Companion Dogs for Veterans

For veterans who may be battling with despair, our Skilled Companion Dogs offer hope and a sense of purpose, helping to alleviate the struggles that can come with returning to civilian life.

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