Restoring Hope and Connections

Gaining confidence from these service dogs, veterans living with PTSD and other disabilities expand their lives, regain mobility and independence and re-integrate into their communities.

You served us. Now it's our turn.

Our service dog program provides dogs to veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other challenges such as hearing loss, seizures, and balance issues. We have seen substantial success placing dogs with servicemen and women whose PTSD and other disabilities prevented them from returning to their previously active lifestyle.

We operate the most advanced training facilities of any service dog organization in the world. We provide life-changing services and create elite working dogs. These dogs help prevent or combat emotional overload using on-command tactile stimulation, assist the veteran in leaving/exiting anxiety-causing situations or locations, and provide tactile stimulation/mediation/sensory reintegration and orientation to time/place during dissociative episodes — all while offering their unconditional support and unceasing handler focus. Our dogs also learn commands and skills to aid with seizure response, compensate for hearing loss, and help with balance issues. They offer love and loyalty, and respond to commands that help restore

stability and wellbeing. In public places or unfamiliar territory, the dogs check ahead and around corners for potential encounters that could become problematic for their handlers. The dogs’ physical needs provide a daily rhythm of structure and exercise. Our veterans report powerful stories of reconnecting with family and society once again.

Southeastern Guide Dogs is committed to providing you with exceptional customer service as you navigate our application process. The information below will provide you with a clear understanding of our application process and provide you with a checklist of the items that we will need to expedite your acceptance into our program.

Please read through all of the information linked below before applying for a service dog.

What people are saying…

“I can’t tell you the difference this dog is making. She gives me safety, confidence; she is able to bring me out of a flashback faster than any human. She gives me comfort – it’s like she takes you out of yourself. I don’t know where I’d be without her right now.”

Graduate Paul Utter with Service Dog Ellie