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Beyond the Dark

Come experience darkness in a whole new light. See how our dogs take people with vision loss and veterans with disabilities beyond the dark to a world of hope.

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Journey beyond sight in a virtual-reality park. Hear from a graduate and walk while holding the harness of a skilled guide dog in this exclusive, interactive event.

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Step behind closed doors and witness how puppies transform into highly skilled working dogs. From our Puppy Academy to Canine University and more, experience the magic.

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Dogs of Destiny

Laugh, cry, and fall in love with the extraordinary dogs that give hope to the people who need them.

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Video Library

Meet graduates who turned heartbreak into hope after being matched with one of our extraordinary dogs.

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Meet our graduating classes, see our dogs, learn what’s new, and stay in touch by visiting our blog.

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Life Unleashed

See how your support is making a difference. Explore powerful, emotional stories and photographs showcasing our graduates and the dogs by their sides.

Side by Side

Celebrate the people and their superhero dog partners who have recently graduated from our school—there’s no better way to see the full impact your support is having throughout the United States.

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Press Room

Writing an article or shooting a news story? Come this way…

For Vance Kondon, 30 years of high stress as an Air Force security policeman and air traffic controller left him with mounting post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He managed to keep his issues in “boxes” until his retirement, when PTSD took on a life of its own with hard times, self-isolation, and undesirable behaviors. Now his service dog and best friend Charlie offers love and support. This beautiful, amazing, funny, and mellow black Lab senses his needs and renews his focus. “Charlie allows me to function better,” Vance says. “He gives me that purpose to get up in the morning.” ...

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Alert! Your mood fix is here 🐾 #SundaySnuggles

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by Southshore Browns Backers, one of our Independence level Walkathon 2023 sponsors.

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Big thanks to @whiskeyjoesmr for their pup-lifting gift of friendship and support. During their recent “round your tab up for the dogs” event, Whiskey Joe’s and their customers generously donated to our mission. Thank you, Whiskey Joe’s, for giving freedom, confidence, and hope to the people who need our dogs! ...

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Ready to meet our newest graduates and the dream-come-true dogs by their sides? In our latest Side by Side, you’ll meet 29! amazing duos just beginning their journeys together. When you look inside this issue, be sure to notice the smiles on their faces. Congratulations, graduates! ...

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1. New skills. 2. Warm and cuddly puppies. 3. Changing lives.

That’s the puppy raising trifecta! You’ll learn dog training from the experts, you’ll never be without puppy love, and you’ll make a life-changing difference.

Apply today to raise a puppy, and we’ll teach you everything you need to succeed. You’ll help raise and train a dog with a special destiny while adding fun and fulfillment to your life. No experience is needed—all you need is love and time!

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Rebel II is eager to get to work! 🦮 ...

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We can all learn a thing or two from guide dog in training, Dancer! Do your job, do it safely, and look good while doing it! 💃🦮 ...

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It’s nappy hour! 💤

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by @tampabayparenting, one of our Loyalty level Walkathon 2023 sponsors.

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Happy National Hug Your Puppy Day! Today, and every day, let's show our furry friends how much we love and appreciate them. Here's a big hug to all the puppies out there! 🐶❤️ #NationalHugYourPuppyDay #PuppyLove ...

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Artist Wayne Dawkins loves to work with his hands. When you see his incredible sculptures, it’s hard to believe he’s blind. Wayne sees the world through his fingertips and his guide dog, Chappy—his partner, muse, and a fan of his favorite music. Wayne feels “Happy With Chappy,” and the feelings are mutual! Watch their colorful story in the latest episode of our Emmy Award-winning series, Dogs of Destiny.

Click here for descriptive video for the visually impaired:
This episode of Dogs of Destiny is brought to you with grateful recognition of Subaru – Tampa, Orlando, and Lakeland. Thank you for selecting Southeastern Guide Dogs as Subaru’s “Share the Love” hometown partner.

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Can we get a round of applause? Longtime volunteer puppy raisers Jocelyn and Carl Hargrove, who serve as area coordinators for the North Orlando and Daytona (NORDA) region, recently picked up their 50th puppy to raise for our school. That’s five-zero! The couple began volunteering in 1989, inspired by an article in their local newspaper. Through their combined efforts as two highly qualified puppy raisers, they reached this incredible milestone, which included a few instances of raising multiple puppies at once. We are incredibly grateful for the dedication and service that the Hargrove's have generously showered on Southeastern Guide Dogs and the puppy raising program. Thank you, Jocelyn and Carl! Now THAT’S a lot of puppy love! ...

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As we approach Walkathon, we would like to recognize our next Signature Sponsor of 2023: Elanco, the official sponsor of preventative health products of Southeastern Guide Dogs.

We appreciate Elanco's tremendous generosity in supporting our Walkathon, as all proceeds directly impact our mission. Thanks, @elanco4pets , for your kindness

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Guide dogs not only have to look directly ahead while working, but also up! All guide dogs are trained to stop at an obstacle in their handler’s way, no matter the height. #guidedog #workingguidedog #southeasternguidedogs #accessibility ...

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#MLKDay ...

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Who wants to raise one of these sweet puppies?!
Being a puppy raiser, puppy sitter or puppy starter is the best, most rewarding volunteer job!
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Here a pup, there a pup, everywhere a pup-pup… #SundaySnuggles

Today's #SundaySnuggles is brought to you by @jplassociates, one of our Loyalty level Walkathon 2023 sponsors.

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What’s tiny, furry, and adorable all over? The first puppy of 2023! Meet the pride and joy of mama Niki and papa Buddy, born on January 7. This little black Lab is just a ball of snuggly potential now but watch him grow and learn. Someday, he’ll be a life-changer for someone who needs him. Welcome to the world, little nugget! ...

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Have you wondered how our instructors figure out what guide dog to best match with which visually impaired student? It’s surely both an art and a science! Join us today at 2:00 p.m. EST on Facebook LIVE, as we tag along with expert instructor Alice Ryskamp as she demonstrates one of the special tools in their toolbox: a Juno walk. ...

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As you embark on a new year and want to make positive changes in your life, consider making a difference in the world through your love of puppies. By volunteering to raise a puppy, you’ll have the opportunity to shape the future of a four-legged friend. You’ll help a puppy reach its full potential! You don’t need experience—just a desire to teach, socialize, and nurture a pup. We’ll teach you what you need to know. Your hard work and dedication could help a puppy become a guide dog for someone with vision loss, a service dog for a veteran with a disability, or a loyal friend to a child with special needs. You can make a meaningful impact, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Learn more about puppy raising at ...

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Now, with the launch of our NEW and groundbreaking Online University, students accepted into our guide and service dog training programs can learn at their own pace, before ever holding the leash. A first in the world for working dog schools, our Online University provides people with disabilities a strong foundation and a longer learning period before arrival, all from the comfort of their homes. New students can get to know their classmates and instructors ahead of time, reducing that “I’m new here” anxiety and increasing their confidence.

New and prospective students, we can’t wait to introduce you to our Online University!

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